Avisca.com Introduces John Holyfield’s Newly Released Destiny Series

John Holyfield Makes Strong Artistic Statement in New Giclee Series

Avisca.com online African American Art Print Store is pleased to introduce John Holyfield newly released “Destiny” collection. The artist has completed the first 7 in the series of giclees on canvas, printed in a limited edition of 300 and each signed and numbered by the artist.



In this series, Holyfield reflects on the concept of destiny as a projection into the future of a ‘destination’ – the culmination of a course, fraught with challenges, but that inevitably takes us toward fulfilling the role that we were meant to play in life. For this strongly spiritual artist who often sees the hand of God behind human activity, it is logical that he symbolically connects the progress and development as ordained by God’s providence. The series of paintings features strong references to religious cosmology and creationism and the figures are presented in the context of mere players on a larger stage directed by a force much more powerful, but beneficient.
In the diptych “Chemistry“, Holyfield returns to one of his favorite themes -the loving couple. Here a man and a woman appear to be engaged in a juggling act, but, brought together by fate, find love and harmony.

john_holyfield_aspiration_male  john_holyfield_aspiration_female

Aspiration (male)” and “Aspiration (female)” allude to finding the right professional niche in life when we position ourselves for success and surrender to the guidance of Providence.

john_holyfield_provider_femaleProvider (Female)

Provider (Male)

“Provider” suggests the importance of nurturing, guidance, and mentoring in preparing the next generation for fulfilling their manifest destiny. But Holyfield also tackles the social issue of the absent male, the challenges it poses, and its social and emotional toll.

john_holyfield_the_wishThe Wish

“The Wish” reflects the human aspiration for harmony, balance, wisdom and the attainment of our highest self through God and nature. Ultimately this is God’s destiny for us all.



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