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We celebrate the life and legacy of one of the world’s greatest singers
Whitney Houston.

New open edition giclee by Gregory Wishum
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New from Kevin A. Williams (WAK)

“The Catch”

New Limited Edition Print by Kevin A. Williams
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Introducing Lisa Matthews…

Lisa Mathews is an African American woman, a mother and grandmother, whom God has gifted with a creative spirit. She is an artist…it is reflected in everything that she does.

While growing up in Dayton, Ohio she had a great love and appreciation for the arts. She expressed her creativity by spending much of her time with a pencil and drawing pad in hand. Her artistic gifts did not go unnoticed during her school years, as she was very active in all the art programs and was always recognized and encouraged by all of her art instructors. But she also had a great love for poetry writing, as well as, taking modern, ballet and African dance classes where she was a member of a dance company throughout her high school years.

Being rich and diverse by its very nature, her infinite inspiration is African American culture. Her work is generational, past and present, reaching back to the heritage of her African ancestry to the present cultural phenomenon called Hip Hop. Her work reflects the tremendous love she has for the many facets of this culture and the pride she has for the strength and perseverance of its people.

Lisa molds her distinctive characters in polymer clay, enhancing with intricate and faithful details in inks, oils and acrylic paints. The three dimensional figures are then mounted on textured background (velvet, linen or painted and texturized paper), and framed. Her attention to details – from fine eye lashes to the pearly white teeth to the stiching on the shoes – bring her characters to life.

Here are some currently available works by Lisa Matthews fro Avisca Fine Art Gallery. These are one-of-a-kind original work created wholly by hand by Lisa Matthews. Please call us for purchase information.

“Book Smart”

22 x 12 x 3

“Extra Extra Read All About It”
23 x 13 x 3

“It’s Your Move”
18 x 22 x 3

“Loves Me… Loves Me Not”
11 x 19 x 3

“Just Between Sisters”
14 x 20 x 3


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